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Captured memories of life's significant events

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Not Just Weddings!
Video is important for many facets of life. Below are the services we provide. If you don't see what you need, please contact us. It's likely that we can help you.

Weddings and Receptions


We coordinate with your minister or officient, the reception venue, DJ and other principals. See our page on "Standard Wedding Services," then apply your imagination to create a video record that reflects your personality and love for each other and the excitement of the celebration..
Reunions, birthdays, retirements
We capture the festivities and the stories that everybody has to share at a family reunion or a significant birthday celebration.
Baptism, Mitzvah, First Communion
We can capture the event without intruding on the sacredness of the occasion. (Note: some ministers prefer to not have video taken of the event because it is a sacred occasion. We always respect the minister's wishes in these regards.)
School events (plays, graduation, recitals)
Your child's graduation or recitals are a memory you want to cherish forever.
Commercial work

Whether you require an instructional video, a web commercial, a promo or a record of a meeting, we can provide the service you need.

Insurance Records

A video record of your house and its contents is invaluable in case of fire or theft loss. We will create a recording which you can save in your safety deposit box or other secure location. We accompany you throughout the house and create a video record with your narration describing the contents.

Media Conversion

Do you have family movies or recordings on VHS tape or cassettes? What about old pictures or those 35mm slides you took years ago? We will transfer those recordings to DVD or CD. (Sorry, we cannot transfer copyrighted recordings like LP records, commercial movies or studio photographs.)