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Charles Batteau Video Services

Captured memories of life's significant events

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A la carte Services
These are prices for general services. For wedding services, see "Wedding Packages" listed under "Standard Wedding Services." For more information, please contact us using the Contact form on the website. Virginia state sales tax (5.3%) is applicable to all services.

Single camera coverage, high definition, per hour (does not include editing). Two hour minimum charge.

Two-videographer coverage


Editing of video recording


Wireless Microphone for speaker or performer (as part of video recording)


Travel to and from job (if over 30 miles one way)

"Raw footage" from cameras (copied to your thumb drive or portable hard drive)


Conversion of VHS tape to DVD


Scanning of slides or prints to digital media (CD/DVD - or customer-supplied thumb drive). Includes editing.

$350 per day plus

$50 per hour

$600 per day plus $75 per hour

$50 / hour


$50 per microphone



$0.50 per mile


Native format from camera (MXF), $25

Transcoded to MP4 or other format, $75

$25 per VHS tape ($20 each for extra DVDs)


$25 per 12 slides

$25 per 25 prints