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Welcome to Charles Batteau Video Services




Weddings, major birthdays, family reunions are exciting times and filled with moments that you want to remember and savor in the years to come. While photographic records are important (and should be a part of every important occasion), video adds a continuous memory of the event, complete with audio, that cannot be duplicated in any other form.


Charles Batteau Video Services provides coverage of your family's major events. We also provide other services such as insurance records, recitals, conversion of old media to CD/DVD, etc. Please look over our website and see how Charles Batteau Video Services can make your memories richer.


Why do you want a video record?


Most brides consider video to be an important bridal service. Almost 80% of brides surveyed after their wedding considered video to be among the ten most important bridal services, and over 40% placed it in the top five.

A wedding is a very busy event, with many things happening too quickly for you to savor them at the time. A video record allows you to look back at the big day, get greetings and blessings from those who shared your joy, and see some of the things that happened when you weren’t looking.





For other events, such as family reunions, a video record is essential. There are so many participants, and so many stories to tell, that it is impossible for one person to hear, much less remember everything that takes place.


By having a videographer record the big event plus anecdotes from the participants, not only does everybody attending have a record, but it can be shared with those who were unable to be present.



Special moments should be remembered !



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